growing your businessRunning your own business is something which takes up a lot of time and energy. In fact, you can become so absorbed in it that you barely even notice the advances that you make. So what are the triggers which make you sit up and take notice of the fact that you are now going to have to think about moving onto the next level?

When You Need More Staff

At the start, you probably did most if not all of the work on your own. As your business started growing you then had to employ one person then another and then another. Now you might look around your premises and see that you have a whole team working for you. This can lead to a couple of different issues. Firstly, you might feel as though control of the business has slipped out of your hands. It is only natural to feel like this but you need to remember that it is impossible for you to do it all alone. The other issue is that employing a team of workers is an extra responsibility which you need to be ready to take on. If you feel that you need more staff then it is time to think ever more about things like health & safety and the worker’s conditions.

When to Look at More or Better Machinery

Most businesses which need to use machinery start out with the minimum amount and often they go for older, cheaper models as well. These pieces of machinery might serve you well at the beginning but as business picks up you will realize at one point that you need better and more modern equipment, even if it is used rather than new. This doesn’t have to be the huge expense you might imagine it to be. Of course if your new equipment helps you improve productivity or quality then the change will have been well worth it.

Need More Workspace

One of the side effects of needing more workers and better machinery is that you might find that your current premises are just too small for you. This might seem like a problem but it doesn’t have to be. By moving to bigger premises you can choose the kind of building which is now most suitable for your needs and your status. After all, the one you are in reflects the level of the business a while ago. This move is likely to cost you more money but this is one of the unavoidable issues around creating a bigger and more successful company.

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