Some people seem to get being a solopreneur confused with going it alone. No one succeeds alone. If your idea of success consists of crossing the finish line alone but triumphant, you’ve got one of two things coming your way: a ton of frustration or a change in perspective. Understanding this simple but crucial point can mean the difference between your business thriving a year from now or sitting alone at home wondering what went wrong. Whether you are a regular reader or just happening by, the chances are that you’re here because there’s something about working solo and building something of your own that reaches you on a fundamental level. Although I might be biased, I’d say that’s at least admirable if not downright inspiring. The key is keeping the solo side of things in perspective. Take for a moment the example of lone wolf, an animal I know I personally can relate to a bit. The iconic image of the single wolf alone in wild, thriving against the odds with a path all its own, might be a thrilling one, but that’s an image that only tells half of the story. Like us, wolves are social animals that evolved to live and hunt in groups, and they can only bring down their favorite game when they work together as a team. Lone wolves, like many a mislead solopreneur, are generally forced to settle for scraps or much smaller prey. And while that might work for some niches, it’s probably not the direction most of us set out for when we to build our own businesses. The point is simple. No one gets very far on their own, and, really, who’d want to? Keep that in mind when you’re going about doing you’re own thing, and keep building those professional and personal relationships that you’re going to need to keep moving forward.