It’s an interesting fact of life that we spend so much energy trying to blend in our youth only to struggle to remember how to stand out once we’re out on our own. If you’ve been working solo for long, you already know how easy it is to get lost in the crowd, especially if your trying to get established in a fairly broad niche.

Most of us get started out as solo entrepeneurs by doing our best to mimic other businesses and thought leaders who have already paved the way for success. The more you look into what makes their brands great, however, the more you’ll find that they’ve learned to inject their own personality and passions into their business. Far from distancing themselves from their target market, potential clients are drawn to sense of drive and authenticity that they bring to their professional services.

What makes you excited about the kind of work that you do? What is it about your firm or practice that is so different from your competitors? The answers to questions like this will you to the messages that you want your marketing efforts to convey to your audience. By finding ways to stand up and stand out in your own market, you’ll immediately start making a more lasting impression on colleagues and clients that will result in greater referrals and more word of mouth advertising. At the same time, you’ll also find that marketing efforts will seem much more enjoyable once your spreading a message that you truly believe in.