consultingTechnology in the office place has been rapidly improving over the last two decades to the point where it can sometimes be hard to keep up with. In fact, you may even be slightly overwhelmed and even intimidated by the constantly developing technology. However, don’t be! Embrace it, as many of these advancements, such as VoIP phone services, can make your business run more efficiently. The following are three new technologies that you should implement into your office.

  1. VBI (Verified by Intel): If your business requires laptops for all of your employees, then you’ve no doubt had some difficulties dealing with replacing faulty parts. Even if you issue the same brand of laptops to all of your employees, such as Dell or IBM computers, they often don’t contain standardized parts. This means that keyboards, power adapters and batteries may not be interchangeable. This can result in costly repairs or replacement parts as well as lost time ordering and waiting for parts. VBI is a program by Intel that standardizes laptop parts making it much easier to repair and replace parts. It also makes it easier to upgrade parts as well, so look into laptops certified by VBI.
  2.  VoIP phone services (Voice over Internet Protocol): This form of telecommunication has rapidly grown in the last few years. VoIP services allow your employees to make phone calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of using typical phone lines, which can greatly reduce monthly phone system costs. It also allows users luxuries such as checking their voice mails on their computers, or recording calls as needed. This service can even reroute phone calls if the office is too busy to answer, making this a much more efficient form of telecommunication than normal phone services.
  3.  Cloud Service: Establishing a cloud service for your office can go a long way in not only saving money, but also making your office run more efficiently. This is especially helpful if you require employees to use certain types of software. Without a cloud service, you would have to purchase new software for each employee as well as provide software licenses. With a cloud, you can simply have the software already available off site, saving you money and time. It works similar to an e-mail program, where you don’t need to install any software due to the fact that you can access it through the Internet. Clouds can also be used to store massive amounts of data, saving you storage space on your computers.

These are three technologies that no office should be without. They provide a distinct advantage in that they allow your office to run in a more cost-effective manner and your employees to work much more efficiently.

Heather Beleno is constantly trying to stay up to date on what is new and trending in the business industry.