As a self-employed solopreneur, your success and continuous productivity depends on your ability to get new clients. Traditional advertising methods are expensive, and you might not have the resources to pay for an offline advertising campaign. One alternative route that many solopreneurs taking advantage of is social networking.

You may already know how it works, but do you know how to fully utilize it to help you reach an unprecedented number of clients and boost your business? Take advantage of these social networking secrets and solopreneur tips now and let more people know about what you have to offer.

Don’t Limit Yourself

Many solopreneurs only have profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and maybe Youtube, denying themselves of the opportunity that many other free social networking sites can provide. You should create about 30 or more profiles in other social networking sites to boost your online presence and get more exposure. Most of these sites are free to sign up with, so what’s stopping you from getting that extra list that will add up to the ones you have with the big guys?

Get New Fans

Getting new fans to your Facebook, Twitter or other social networking site pages is one of those solopreneur tips that will not only boost your audience, but will also present you as a dynamic and serious business person. You can create a special report or put up an e-book relating to your kind of business and send it all over the social networking world for people to get for free.

Make sure you set up the freebie in a way that people must sign up with your page first before they can get it sent to them through their email. When you use this method make sure you send the message yourself, add it to your email signature and announce it in your newsletter.

Make use of tools

Making use of social networking tools is one of the best solopreneur tips that can help make your work easier, stay informed of new trends and help you get the latest news involving your type of business. It also helps you to know what people are saying about your business and what your competitors are recently doing.

You can make use of tools like ‘Blogpulse,’ a search engine that reports on day-to-day activities in the blogging world. It contains information about people, news sources and news. You can also make use of ‘Blinkx’, where you can find videos more than 35 million videos, including the ones relating to what has recently been said about your business.

Use ‘Google alerts’ to get hints whenever your name, keyword or brands are mentioned online. With ‘Board Reader’, you can have access to the latest information and discussions on forums everywhere. ‘Social Mention’ is a tool that monitors more than 100 social media sites on the internet. Use it to track and measure the latest thing people are discussing about your product, industry and the latest products. And, of course, there are third party apps like ‘TweetDeck’ that help you monitor everything going on in your Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Myspace profiles in one place.

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