At one time another, we’ve all experienced a serious case of tunnel vision working on a project that requires so much focus on detailed minutia that it becomes nearly impossible to see the forest for the trees. No matter what the project happens to be, there comes a point when a fresh pair of eyes is going to pick out things that the dedicated workers who created the darn thing will never be able to see.

This problem is particularly common in the case of web development, especially for solopreneurs and other small business owners. When you’re building out your web presence on your own or with a very small staff, it’s all too easy to get carried away with how you *want your audience to see and interact with your business without paying attention to how visitors actually behave on your site.

If your heading into the new year with big plans for online marketing, it’s worth considering getting a second pair of eyes on your businesses website to find out whether others see what you think they see. There’s a wide variety of user testing tools and services available, some of which I’ve reviewed over at our sister site, Top Marketing Tools, but even an informal survey among trusted colleagues and friends is likely to reveal me significant opportunities for improvement. If you’re interested in a more detailed audit of your website’s actual performance for SEO and online conversions, we offer our own website audits as well.