marketing tools for solopreneursPart of being successful solepreneur is utilizing effective marketing tools to increase exposure and build a solid customer base. With that being said, let’s discuss some of the best marketing tools available for small businesses.

  • aWeber – This is a helpful tool that provides solepreneurs with an effective email marketing campaign. aWeber’s primary feature is an opt in form that allows visitors to sign up for newsletters via email from your business. It also allows you to manage your subscribers and track the success of your email marketing campaign.
  • Raven Tools – This tool is beneficial because it helps solepreneurs with managing links. It works by giving you data concerning the value of different domains that you could link to your site. Consequently, this can improve your search engine optimization efforts by helping you choose the best sites to link your website to.
  • Google Analytics – If you have an online business or website of any kind, you should use this tool for analyzing your marketing campaign. Google Analytics is a free tool that lets you track where traffic is coming from, which pages are popular, which ones aren’t, how long visitors are staying and other important information.