For many professionals working in a traditional office, telecommuting from home sounds like a dream come true, pajamas included. Without the distractions of constant interruptions and endless meetings, you’d almost certainly be so much more productive and the daily grind would doubtlessly become less stressful, right?

Ask any small business owner or solopreneur who has worked from home for a couple of years or more, however, and you’ll find that the home office comes with it’s own set of challenges that can add up to significant drain on productivity over time.

The infographic below from CareerBuilder breaks down some revealing facts about those of us who work from home. Roughly 10% of the survey participants report telecommuting at least once a week, with 6% telecommuting full time. Only 29% of the telecommuters believe that they are most productive when they are at home, reporting that distractions like chores, television and children tend to take them away from their tasks.

So, just how productive are you when you’re working at home? What have you found helpful for keeping your nose to the grindstone?

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