After people have slept off Thursday’s tryptophan and napped after the early Black Friday deals, they are ready to make the most of the online sales available on Cyber Monday. With every online retail outlet vying for customers, it’s important to market your company effectively so new and loyal customers will type your company’s URL into their browser. Below is a list of five tips to make the most out of Cyber Monday. 

1. Look At Your Company’s Data From Last Year 

The first step in planning your marketing strategy is to look at how your company did on the previous Cyber Monday. Were the offered deals popular? What were the top selling products? What advertising strategies worked—and what didn’t? Did your company attract new customers? Did your loyal buyers whip out their credit cards? 

2. Think About The Two S’s—Search Engine Optimization and Social Media 

Research how your targeted customers are Googling. What keywords are they using? Consider utilizing search engine optimization techniques so new customers can find your special offers. Make sure to write copy that utilizes words that are frequently searched. Try to include this language in the weeks leading up to Cyber Monday. You want people to start thinking about your company well before they log onto their computers Monday morning. 

You can attract new customers not just through search engines. You can attract new customers through the social circles of the most loyal members of your brand. But don’t just target how your audience searches. Also think about how you can encourage customers to share your deals via Facebook and Twitter. Consider offering specials to customers who share deals through their Facebook pages. Think of a hashtag that can brand your Cyber Monday offers. Work closely with your social media team. 

3. Target Shoppers During The Hours They Are Online The Most 

Research shows that 33% of shoppers do their Cyber Monday shopping between 5 am and 9 am. Think about offering an early morning special to those early rising buyers. 

4. Offer A Sale That Sets You Apart 

The whole reason people shop online the Monday after Thanksgiving is to look for unbeatable deals. No matter what type of ecommerce platform your site may have, it’s important to attract customers with offers they can’t refuse.  Don’t just offer a small percentage discount on a single item. Have major deals on best selling products. Offer free shipping. Expand your return policy for Cyber Monday purchases. Research your competitors and find what kind of offers they provide and Cyber Monday. Think of a better deal that your competitors can’t beat. Online shoppers will want the best deal—and make sure you’re offering it.

5. Do A Test Run Before Going Live 

You want to make sure your website is up and running with no bugs. Are there any dead links? Will your customers ever see the dreaded error message? Is your hosted shopping cart running smoothly? Test your online shopping software before to make sure the shopping experience goes as smoothly as possible. You don’t want your customers Googling your competitors when they have their credit card ready.


Tamara Brown writes for various social media companies in Los Angeles, CA.