comm_strategy_largeThere are many ways to promote your company. One of the most effective methods used in recent years however is Twitter. This is probably because millions of people use it every day from all over the world. In the last year alone the number of active Twitter users has increased by 900%.

Twitter is essentially a small form of blogging. It allows you to post brief updates or pictures, links to longer articles, or to communicate with other Twitter users. It’s all about building a community of “followers”. You can “follow” anyone you want and anyone can “follow” you on Twitter. It’s not just about having a lot of followers however. Company’s need to realize that in order to be successful on Twitter they need to create a distinct image and voice.

Here are some tips to keep in mind as you start using Twitter.


The Twitter profile allows for a brief bio. This is where you will essentially be pitching your company to potential customers. Because there is a very limited amount of space, don’t try to include everything about the company here. People likely aren’t interested in the minute details. Instead think of something catchy and unique that will make viewers want to learn more.

Also keep in mind the profile picture. You want something that people will remember, because it will show up next to every one of your tweets on people’s feed. The page background (which you can customize) can also send a message about who you are.

Have fun with your followers

Some of the most followed tweeters are people that simply tweet about funny ever-day experiences. Although people use Twitter for information or news updates, they also want to be entertained. Twitter users usually follow hundreds of companies, people, news sources, etc. As they are scrolling through their news feed they’ll likely skim past things that don’t grab their attention. A little use of comedy will do wonders.

Another example of how Twitter is a great tool for a business is the way many food trucks use it to tell their followers where they will be each day. By doing this, they create a demand, or even a cult following of people who will go through this Twitter treasure hunt just to find their favorite food. If you don’t have this type of business, many brick-and-mortar stores use it to tweet to their followers any special deals or discounts being offered on any given day. The key is to get creative, and wow your followers.


There are several other tools on Twitter that will help you reach a maximum amount of people. One is the hashtag. Including popular or trending hashtags will help people find you. Remember to not over tweet. If you are popping up on people’s news feeds every five minutes, they’re going to be annoyed. Also try to not to constantly spam people with deals. Followers don’t want to feel like they are constantly being sold something.

Try to engage in conversations with your followers. The “mention” and “reply” features of Twitter allow you to communicate. Tell people to respond or re-tweet something directly in your messages. Everyone loves to be re-tweeted. When people say something good about your company respond and thank them. It will make them feel like you care about their opinion.

Remember that to be successful in something it’s always helpful to learn from the best. Find people with a lot of followers and watch what they do. To get you started here is a list of the most followed companies on Twitter. Success on Twitter is very much about having a voice. Twitter can be a means to show people that you are human, and not just a programmed machine.

Author Bio: Rick Delgado is a freelance writer specializing in technology innovations and social media trends. Rick is currently acting as a social media consultant to companies like Vivint.