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What Potential Clients are Looking for in a Freelance Resume

Looking to attract new clients with a freshly polished resume? Good for you – show ’em what you got.

Just remember, it’s the little things that matter most when it comes to making that all important first impress. Here’s a few freelance writer resume tips that I wish I’d know when I was first starting out.

Special Advice for Those Creating a Freelance Writer Resume

If most of your experience as a freelance writer has been blogging or lower paying gigs, don’t make the mistake of minimizing what you’ve accomplished. The fact that you’ve been creating professional quality content or have established a meaningful online community is exactly the kind of thing hiring managers want to see on a freelance writer resume. Break down what types of projects you’ve worked on, fields of expertise, and, whenever possible, the impact that you’re content made on a given project.

  1. Focus on Your Skills – The very nature of being a freelancer or a consultant means that you’re going to a much less “stable” looking job history than other professionals. Provide your freelance resume with a narrative by focusing on your skills and breaking up your experience into different types of projects (advertising, reports, etc) rather than each individual employer.
  2. Create More Than One Resume – Whether your a designer, a techie or hired muscle, the chances are that your going to find different opportunities for different parts of your skill set. Be ready to go with a few different spins on your freelancing background on hand rather than sending over your standard boilerplate.
  3. Emphasize Your Results – No matter what kind of professional services you have to offer, you wouldn’t be doing what you’re doing if you didn’t offer clients some return on their investment. Your resume needs to demonstrate the impact that your work had on your given projects, not just the roles that you performed.