YOU as Coach! Give your career a coaching jump start!

active listeningAre YOU considering a career jump start in life coaching or business coaching?

We’re devoted to providing professional coaches of every experience level with certification and refresher courses with our Coaching Jump Start program. Our simple, thorough training program provides members with all of the tools and resources that you need to keep your coaching practice ahead of the competition in the professional coaching industry.

Learn how coaching skills can improve your performance

Unlike some coaching training programs, Coaching Jump Start has not tried to reinvent the wheel when comes to life coaching. Instead, we focus on the core principles of effective coaching that are at the heart of every successful coaching practice. Our laser focused curriculum provides members with comprehensive training in every major aspect of life coaching with reports, presentations, forms and instruments that cover:

  • Skills for building the foundation of a thriving life coaching business
  • Questioning techniques for probing a client’s aspirations, obstacles and options
  • Methods of actively listening to what clients are really trying to tell you
  • Approaches for working with a wide range of personality styles
  • Personality assessments that cut to the heart of a client’s values and motivations
  • And much more!

For a limited time, the Advisory Board is currently offering visitors with access to the central components of Coaching Jump Start with a free newsletter. This publication provides subscribers with contented that is tailored to both new and experienced life coaches with concise articles and posts such as:

  • Tools and guides for marketing your coaching practice effectively
  • Reminders and primers on the fundamentals of professional coaching
  • Supplemental reports on the varying approaches to life coaching
  • Guest posts for experienced coaching pros

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