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  • Success Jump Start: Master the Things that Matter Most
  • You as Coach! The Single Most Important Personal & Professional Success Skill.
  • Create & Run Your Own Peer Advisory Boards! Extraordinary Small Business Opportunity.


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Annual Membership

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  • Full Access to “Top Marketing Tools” our Member Resources Library 
  • The Three Free Reports (Success Jump Start, You as Coach, Create & Run Your Own Peer Advisory Boards).
  • Subscription to the “Success Jump Start” News Blast
  • Occasional Briefings & Laser Paced Mini-Courses: Short, Easy, Self-Paced Modules
  • Referrals Jump Start Report: Building & Maintaining a Robust Referral Engine
  • Web Jump Start! Members’ report on building targeted traffic and converting site visitors to clients. Especially for busy (DIY) micro-business owners.
  • Free Membership in a Special Interest Community of Your Choice. (Details below)


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5 Reasons to Sign Up for Annual Membership Today

Ready to take your marketing campaigns to the next level? You’ve come to right place. Join the Small Business Federation as an Annual Member, and you’ll get:

    1. Just in Time Tips & Tools: Success Tools Morning News Blast – Our newsletter delivers the latest tips, tools and news you need to know about straight to your inbox. Our busy little elves scour the internet for the latest developments in business services marketing so that you don’t have to.
    2. Access to Top Marketing Tools: Sales & Marketing Resource Library – Log in to the members area of our member resources site, Top Marketing Tools, and you’ll find a library of articles and reports that cover a wide range of important topics related to promoting professional services.
    3. Practical Online Marketing Advice: Tips & Strategies – From attracting more traffic to your site to learning what to do with it, members of the Success Tools Network receive support at every step of building a powerful online presence.
    4. Increased Exposure: Member’s Spotlight – We’re constantly impressed by the lengths our members will go to in order to promote their professional services. Our Member’s Spotlight is where we promote individual members who have gone the extra mile to build their business.
    5. An Expanded Network: Three Professional Associations – By joining the Success Tools Network, you’ll automatically become a member of our three sister organizations, including the Services Marketing Network,  the Certified Business Coaching & Consultant Network and Soloville: The Solopreneur Hub. If you like, you can build credibility with your target audience by showing off trust symbols for our professional associations on your website.
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