So, You Want to Become a Freelance Teacher

Becoming a freelance teacher is a great way to add more freedom and flexibility to your professional career while enjoying the opportunity to help shape eager young lance teacher

Unlike most educator freelance teachers do not work as true employees of an academic institution. Instead, they typically work for a handful of different large or small clients on an as needed basis. As such, most free lance teachers find that having a knack for professional networking and generating referrals is essential for finding consistent full time employment. Helping solopreneurs do just that is what we specialize in at Soloville, so take a look around if this your first time here and consider checking out our member’s resources site, Top Marketing Tools.

Traveling Abroad as a Freelance Teacher

One way to become a freelance teacher that is particularly important among younger educators and recent grads is traveling abroad to teach students English as a second language. Well-trained ESL teachers are in big demand throughout the world, but be advised that the most reputable agencies require applicants to have a strong background in education and certified in teaching English as a second language.

If you are considering teaching ESL abroad as a way to become a freelance teacher, be sure to read up on both your destination and agency of choice, as horror stories abound from people who leaped in without looking and found themselves in over their head. A few good places to get started include:

Working from Home as a Freelance Teacher

Thanks to modern technology, a growing number of educators are finding opportunities for teaching on a freelance from the comfort of home over the internet. Tools like Skype, Google Hangouts and remote desktop sharing make it easier than ever to share everything you need to with students without having to meet in person. We’ve got some great online tools like these in our Soloville Toolbox, and the sites below our great places to look for freelance teaching jobs online.

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