entrepreneur adviceEntrepreneur – sounds good but is a hard position to be in.

There are many people who want to be an entrepreneur but to be an entrepreneur is not an easy thing. Entrepreneurs love challenges. They are always eager to learn new things and adapt to new business standards and technologies that can prove to be beneficial for their business.

One of the common resources an entrepreneur turns to for help is a mentor. A mentor gives new ideas and advises entrepreneurs on the path of success. A mentor usually shares his experience that helps an entrepreneur to understand and analyze business deals better. Mentors also help entrepreneurs to look at a particular situation from different perspectives.

Following are a few tips that every entrepreneur should take into consideration whether they have or do not have anybody to mentor them:

Keep in touch with your old friends

No matter how involved you are with your new start-up, do not forget to keep in touch with your good old buddies. Old friends are always an asset and they can also be a great help for your new business as well. Your friends knew you when all this was just a dream. They can inspire you, boost your morale and also refresh you, when you are tired. They assure you that you can go that extra mile and take your business to the next level. Though you have to meet new people and make new friends everyday for your business, value your old friends as well.

Interact with other entrepreneurs

You can also interact with other entrepreneurs using Skype or other online chatting services. Exchanging information is actually a wonderful way of sharing knowledge. You know and learn quickly through exchange of information. You can also question each other’s decisions and try to learn the logic. These interactions actually help you to learn about new technologies, standards and practices that can help businesses grow.

Appoint a colleague you don’t always agree with

Being a start-up business, you obviously work with limited financial budget. Moreover, you also need to invest time and money to build the reputation of your business. One wrong step can prove to be disastrous not only for the reputation of the business but also financially. So it is important that you justify each and every business step – from appointing a new resource, to meeting the press. There’s no better way of getting quicker feedback than turning to a colleague who generally thinks opposite of what you think.

Appoint a colleague with different skill sets than yours

This is also very important. If your IT skills are very good, try to find a team member who is excellent at marketing and sales. Being an entrepreneur you have to look after the development of all the aspects of a business. You can take care of IT but who will look after marketing and sales? You need somebody reliable for building those areas as well. A business cannot survive with IT alone.

Take a break

It’s often said all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. If you are constantly working and someday you find yourself stuck with a problem and cannot find an answer to it, you better know it’s your time for a break. Go for a weekend getaway or for a short vacation. It actually refreshes you and fills you with new energy and enthusiasm.

Kevin John is a Specialist in Marketing and Client Satisfaction at iTeleCenter, a virtual phone system for small businesses. He has written about business, real estate and lifestyle for more than two decades.