Website Audits & Ranking Reports

By joining Soloville, you will receive a Website Ranking Report every 90 days telling you how you’re doing in the main search engines for the most important keywords for your niche.

The website report is a laser profile of the member’s key website search engine metrics and includes the site’s ranking in the top three search engines for up to 5 keywords selected by the member.

We change our report template frequently to reflect changes in the internet dynamics. Here is a sample of the recent version of our Member Website Ranking Report.

You will receive yours soon after your membership date and each quarter thereafter.

We also offer a comprehensive website audit service that gets to the heart of what’s working and what’s not on small business websites by focusing on three core factors that determine a website’s success: visibility, usability and credibility. We use a variety performance indicators like to determine your site’s standing in each of these areas.

Our website audit service will provide you with measurable, actionable recommendations for improving your site’s performance in each of these areas. Following the completion of your audit, you will receive monthly follow up reports for the following six months to track how any changes you choose to implement improve your site’s performance.

The cost of our Web Jump Start web audit is $397 for our members. (Non-members $597)

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